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Awakening Aspiration is your source for emotional wellness coaching and personnel development. Let’s revive your working relationships, so you can do the work that matters most.
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I align my clients with life enrichment strategies that heighten their confidence, so they can become effective leaders who model and promote emotional wellness.

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Awakening Aspiration's Mission
Our mission is to provide emotional wellness coaching to businesses, organizations, and individuals so that they are equipped to lead, manage and grow for the long term. We do this by providing specialized training and tools that give our clients a sense of self-efficacy.
Our Vision
Our vision is that every employee feels worthy, appreciated and heard in their workplace.
The Hood's Daughter
“The Hood’s Daughter” is the coming-of-age story of Pamela Nicole Dukes early life in Chicago. In this book she reveals the daily challenges she faced trying to find her way through the gang-affiliated neighborhood of Englewood. Fatherless with only her mother and aunt to raise her, yet with no real support, she was often left to fend for herself, which led her to turn to the “love in the streets.” Here she shares her journey and lessons she learned while encountering countless traumatic life events that tested her will to survive. She describes times when she was a teenager and thought she would not make it to see the light of another day. But she survived those tough times. She now stands here today as an example of perseverance and willpower. This book will help you navigate the obstacles in your own life journey, and through her experience, teach you to not make some of same mistakes.