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Are Mental Health and Burnout Related?

First off, let’s clarify that for our purposes “mental health” is referring to the ability to experience inner peace, clarity, and a sense of stability in our often-chaotic world. In

The Importance of Down Time

Do you put a lot of value on outcomes and achievements? If you do, you may have a difficult time understanding the benefits of down time. High achievers tend toward


How do you feel about the quantity and quality of your sleep? If you are fighting fatigue and burnout, one of the first evaluations you should make begins in your

Why are We So Exhausted All the Time?

Life alone can be exhausting. Are you reading this post while you swig caffeine after a sleepless night with your smartphone inches away from your head, glowing in the night

You Must Be CRAZY

Most people will agree that feelings and or emotions are real including people of the African American community. This, however, is contrary to the way many Black people behave when

Why don’t we talk about Intrafamilial (family) Predatory Sexual Assault?

The topic of Predatory Sexual Assault upon children is one that many people care not to discuss.  It seems that even individuals who have not experienced the trauma are still

So You Say Your Past HURTS…

Has your victim card expired yet? Are you SICK and TIRED of harping on old issues that continue to hold you hostage? Why do you think we hold past hurts

My-way or the High-way!

When parenting today’s youth, do you feel guardians should negotiate with children? My way or the highway is the kind of life tactics that doesn’t really work in any aspect



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