Are you a victim of MindFucking?

According to the Urban Dictionary, Mindfuck is an idea or concept that shakes one’s previously held beliefs or assumptions about the nature of reality.

by Nathanael June 19, 2004

Far too often individuals are mindfucked on a daily basis. This happens in many different walks of life.  I was mindfucked so many different times by countless individuals. People who experience domestic, physical, sexual, emotional abuse are constantly mindfucked. When I was very young I entered beginning stages of a long battle with mindfucking syndrome (my own title). As adults, we can either deposit positive or negative influence on children.

As I recall the first encounters of my long tenure within an abusive relationship, I now realize I had the miss conception that the abuse would go away. To be perfectly honest, however, the abuse only got worse with every altercation.   It finally got to the point where I was beaten beyond my own mother’s recognition.  This “mindfucking” went on for years and this truthfully was a multi-mindfucking relationship. What I mean is, I was mindfucked to believe “no one would want you but me”, “bitch you ain’t gon never be shit”, ” I beat yo ass and your family don’t even care” etc. etc etc…..

My abuser though wasn’t the only person mindfucking me. My family who had lost all hope deposited short little mindfuck sessions in my head as well.  “you gon let him kill you”, you must like to get yo ass whipped”, you ain’t gon be shit but a little hoe”, I doubt it if you finish high school”, it’s worthless talking to you, etc. etc. etc…..

Sadly, people we know and care about can be negative influences. The key isn’t to kick them out of your lives, but to reduce your exposure to them. React to the negative things they say or do with some sort of counterbalance, even if it’s unspoken and completely internal. Train your mind to resist the negative bombardment with self-affirming words. If they are too hostile or depressing, then don’t be afraid to walk away, just as you’d do with any other potentially dangerous situation.

Let us not get it twisted, however, mindfucking comes in more than one form in my opinion. It is my belief you can mindfuck yourself; especially if you learn to perfect the art of receiving mindfucking sessions from others.  This syndrome can follow you right throughout your adult life if you lack self-awareness, self-esteem, and or a positive influence. After you’ve been mindfucked so long (self-inflicted or otherwise) the antidote becomes further away from one’s reach.  

Negative self-talk can be a runaway train. Your mind goes around in circles replaying a negative event or your own shortcomings.
Joanne Barker

The act of mental thrusting is not always negative.  Rape is a negative form of a sexual interaction however mutually desired-agree-yerned sex acts are positive encounters. Think of it this way, positive penetration of the mind in yields a positive result. Just as in a wanted and invited sexual encounter (most times) lol. But seriously engage in mental intimacy  (obtain and deposit positivity) make a conscious effort not to propel, become and or remain mindfucked.

I was a victim of being mindfucked, (self-inflicted and otherwise) for much longer than necessary. This wouldn’t  be so had there been someone within my reach who was charged with an assignment, passion, and purpose similar to mine.  Thus, this is why I made the decision to become who I needed. 

So, to sum it all up….. What exactly is mindfucking or being mindfucked? Well, my definition is the consistent suffering of untreated emotional trauma and injuries.  


Emotionally Intelligent

Pamela Nicole Dukes


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