Awakening Aspiration is your source for emotional wellness coaching and personnel development. Let’s revive your working relationships, so you can do the work that matters most.

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Our mission is to provide emotional wellness coaching to businesses, organizations, and individuals so that they are equipped to lead, manage and and grow for the long term. We do this by providing specialized training and tools that give our clients a sense of self efficacy.


Our vision is that every employee feels worthy, appreciated and heard in their workplace.

It’s one of the many teaching tools I use to build group cohesion. I give each participant a piece then ask them to write their ideas on them. Then we work together to connect the pieces, which is difficult because they’re all blank. But when we finally achieve the finished product, the result is clear: everyone’s ideas and feelings are essential to the big picture.

We’ve all had our share of bad days at work. But when your regular staff meetings start to look like a drama packed reality show, it’s time to rethink things. If you don’t, you can expect high employee turnover, potential legal issues and low productivity.

Firing and write ups aren’t the answer. In fact, they complicate things. So how can you address these issues without involving your Human Resources Department time and again? What in the world can you do to fix this costly problem?

Bring in an expert!

"I’m Pamela Nicole Dukes, an emotional wellness coach. I train managers, and social service agents to lead with confidence, vision and tact. In addition to transforming workplaces, I’m a sought after speaker, author and a tireless advocate for youth from underserved communities. I use my own experiences, in conjunction with my education and skills as the blueprint for building better relationships from 9am to 5pm, and beyond."

Pamela, what in the world is an emotional wellness coach?

I’m glad you asked! As an emotional wellness coach, my role is to identify inner roadblocks that are hampering your success. I then conduct a series of exercises that help you to dissolve those roadblocks and open your lines of communication. This can be done individually or as part of a group.

OK, but isn’t emotional wellness a personal responsibility only?

No. Emotional wellness is critical to productivity. It’s simple. When you’re unhappy and you feel ignored, you lack motivation to go above and beyond your duties. You’re also less likely to comply with management requests. There’s no way your business can thrive when it’s staffed with unhappy people who are always walking off the job. Maintaining a workplace that values open communication and respect isn’t fluff. It’s an essential part of successful leadership. People gravitate to other people who they think “get them”.

Well, how do I know if emotional wellness coaching is right for my group?

Everyone benefits from emotional wellness coaching, regardless of their circumstances. In fact, it’s a good idea to be proactive about establishing sound practices. This way, when challenges do arise, you’ll be prepared to deal with them as a professional. These are some questions to consider as you decide whether emotional wellness coaching is right for you:

1. Do you have difficulty keeping job positions filled with competent talent?

2. Does management frequently receive negative feedback from employees?

3. Is the work either being done half heartedly or not at all?

4. Do employees avoid you instead of coming to you for assistance when they need it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to book your session with Awakening Aspiration.