Colleague Cohesion & Empathy Seminar

In this seminar, I’ll look closely at your leadership style as well as your current system of communication. 

Then, based on your group’s unique needs, I will develop a strategy that will get you gelling as a group.

More importantly, your group will be able to work through communication issues internally, reducing write-ups and complaints to human resources.

What you will be able to do:

  • Apply tact to everyday interactions
  • Consider competing for perspectives
  • Respond to concerns with sensitivity
  • Resolve communication roadblocks before they’re built
  • Apply empathetic reasoning to conflict resolution

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Ms. Dukes’ energy was amazing as she engaged them ensuring she rec’d participation from each of them. Ms. Dukes was overall impressive.

Mary Whiting, Associate Director of Youth Development Counseling & Youth Development
Services (CYDS), UCAN

Her wellness coaching techniques and methods has helped us create a culture of excellence that has become part of our youth’s lives and professional staff development for the employees.

Mary Thomas, Director, Ada S. McKinley
Emergency Foster Care RE