Burnout Prevention

There isn’t a nap or spa day powerful enough
to cure burnout. The fact is, by the time you’ve
realized you are burned out, it’s already taken
its toll on your health, your family and your work.
You’re likely to need extended time off from work and possibly medical attention in order to get back on track. Early prevention is the key to defending yourself against burnout. In
this seminar, you’ll learn how to identify early signs of burnout and create a plan for work life balance.

Polish Your People Skills

Sometimes keeping it real goes completely wrong. And that usually happens when you consistently address people in a matter-of-fact fashion. If you want to position yourself as a leader, you must gain the trust of others. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to deliver information tactfully, and develop self awareness around your nonverbal behaviors.

Healthy Boundaries Healthy Bonds

To the world, you’re a one woman powerhouse who gets things done. But every morning you hide under your covers, wishing you could avoid your never ending to-do list. When
you walk out of this seminar you’ll be equipped to set healthy boundaries and set yourself up for success. This session may
be requested as a speaking topic or seminar.

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