Pamela Nicole Dukes

Who I Am

I am Pamela Nicole Dukes; A passionate, phenomenal purpose driven Author, Emotional Wellness coach and speaker. Raised on the Southside of Chicago, in the Englewood neighborhood, I was cultivated to be an inspiration to individuals who have loss themselves due to emotional injuries.  I am driven to help individuals (with a specialization in women) to discover, obtain and maintain emotional wellness. I believe emotional wellness in the path to purpose and inner happiness.

Where I've Been

My tough and devastating past experiences with mental, psychological, physical, sexual and domestic abuse, teenage pregnancy and various other horrific life episodes nurtured the development of a phenomenal “trouble” radar that people are drawn to. By making the choice to embrace and no longer run from my story, my life’s purpose (empowering, coaching and talking people off a cliff) was realized.

Today I Am Tomorrow I Will

Today, I have completed my first manuscript “The Hood’s Daughter”.  I currently use my story to speak and coach people to an emotionally healthy state.  Although the road was tough and there are and will sometimes in the future be bumps, I know perseverance is in the mind of the beholder (me). I will continue to walk in my purpose on purpose because I am my story but not my past.

Serial Survivor

Time is the one thing you can’t recover. Thirty years is a very looooonnnnggg time and over its course there are many barriers and accomplishments a person can experience. Let’s see: degrees, marriages, births, businesses, deaths, job losses, well you get the drift.
The one thing I didn’t plan on was going to bed one night and waking up 30 years later realizing I had wasted 80% of my life MAD. I had been angry and resentful for things that happened to me in my past and damn near didn’t even remember many of my good life episodes.
The problem with being stuck in past hurts is most of the time our offenders have long past went on with their lives.
I decided I was going to put an end to wasting my precious time (that I can’t get back) allowing people to live rent free in my head. I was going to begin to live the rest of the best of my life by getting beyond my past hurts.
And today, I live on top of my story and not in it! I’m no longer held hostage by my historical hurts. I use my passion to satisfy my calling to help you rediscover and live in your inner power, happiness and freedom.

“I am my Story but not my Past”

— Pamela Nicole Dukes